Dr. Pamela Hartzband


Title Published
Untangling the Web--patients, doctors, and the Internet. March 25th, 2010
Keeping the patient in the equation--humanism and health care reform. August 6th, 2009
Money and the Changing Culture of Medicine January 8th, 2009
Off the Record - Avoiding the Pitfalls of Going Electronic April 17th, 2008
Attribution error results from a positive stereotype May 2011
Priming to diagnose an atypical case, avoid representativeness August 2011
Thinking about our thinking as physicians October 2011
Seeing the whole diagnostic picture April 2010
Attribution error confounds a diagnosis after colon cancer August 2010
When patients don't tell all: The diagnostic challenge October 2010
Mindful medicine: Perils of diagnosing the physician-patient January 2009
Meld intuition with deliberation to sidestep diagnostic trap March 2009
It's just old age - or is it? Don't be guided by stereotypes May 2009
Unmasking the patient's hidden agenda September 2009
Uncertain diagnosis for pain leads a doctor to dig deeper November 2009
Critical thinking leads to the right diagnosis January 2008
Patient's doubts about diagnosis prompt a second opinion March 2008
Beware of 'search satisfaction,' a common cognitive error May 2008
Don't confuse correlation with causation July 2008
Don't let emotion impede the right diagnosis September 2008
Anchoring errors ensue when diagnoses get lost in translation November 2008


Your Medical Mind

Your Medical Mind

Year: 2011

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